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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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twenty four seven at this is life with me a welcome to the program let's go straight to our breaking news for you this hour have broken out in greece and tear gas fired at protesters at the visit. and there are reports of police making preventative arrests. the power behind the policy. of the greek people. reports from athens. thousands of people have come out onto the streets as german chancellor angela merkel a visit in the country the feds and take us going off there were protests was in place of course laws because the sings the praises of this result about that some of the have this is a good merkel is meeting with private just the same hours that they are and does
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the german chancellor herself by germany out this visit really cannot be underestimated at this point we were out of the story when we were talking to people and she said that she was coming here to show solidarity with greece the big crease the six measures of it was needed besides the drug to muddy the gangs unaided and we were talking to the people that their own sons had were those like solidarity with food with the bankers with the politicians they don't feel like there's any solidarity with the people in the us really the sentiment that we seeing so many times the chances of visiting the country and it's a good of course that's not she hasn't been hit since the euro crisis started is being is in the i guess it's being go to this entire song you've got to remember as well that the rhetoric from germany the rhetoric from some of these big stronger eurozone states the way he changed dramatically at the beginning of all of this crisis was very much put out on the side of the night so it's
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a situation where the measures seem to be more of the punishment that help the suffering of those they all start some measures to just to push the country into a desperate spiral of a stereotype of the siege security operation this got under way the riot police aligning across the parliament that's a huge issue but today they've also got snipers on the roof he's got the helicopter going gave the heads i mean the police presence is noticeably more than usual and that's really close a lot of added to that the protesters were told they weren't allowed to demonstrate peacefully as we said. as you can see they come out anyway absolutely anger as we said before what's been going on at the fact that she's getting a lot of confusing to people asking why now why is this point chancellor merkel the thing first chance today the very real effects of those are starting measures that again it shows in this country from the phone. streaming the live pictures from the
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protests in athens ongoing as we speak for them all right now what are the dog i mean waldo the deepening crisis in western europe is also sending migrants in the opposite direction later on r t we go to ukraine to find out why people are returning home to make a better future for themselves. this is artsy the white house republican hopeful mitt romney has called for a more aggressive foreign policy in the middle east which would include arming the . rebels in syria the democrats have hit back saying romany's stance lacks vision and consistency his guy nature can has details. mitt romney accused president obama of quote sitting on the sidelines end of quote and not being aggressive enough on syria mr romney suggested actively arming the rebels with weapons that can bring down aircraft and hangs he said quote the greater tragedy of it all is that we're
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missing a story opportunity to win new friends who share our values in the middle east and the world but mitt romney's other remarks suggested that maybe he doesn't really care about whose hands the weapons would end up in because the objective that he stayed it was to defeat assad seeing it as a stepping stone to iran iran is sending arms to assad because they know his downfall would be a strategic defeat for them we should be working no less vigorously going to international partners to support the many syrians who would deliver that defeat to iran rather than sitting on the sidelines so basically mitt romney suggested taking advantage of the crisis in syria to fulfill the goal of defeating iran blatant but straightforward remark basically expressing the same opportunistic approach to foreign policy that the u.s. has had for many years while obama campaign called romney reckless and amateurish when it comes to foreign policy so far the administration has stopped short of
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directly arming the rebels although washington is coordinating the efforts of their allies in the region that is saudi arabia qatar turkey which are providing weapons to the rebels one way or another but those allies are saying that they only provide smaller weapons that they would love to send heavy artillery but they don't have the green light from washington for that because reportedly the administration fears that the weapons might end up in the hands of terrorist experts say one of the reasons why the rebels are not settling down for a negotiated solution through dialogue is the signal that they get that sense that support is on the way that there will be an intervention and everybody now understands without a negotiated solution bloodshed will continue because he's going to reporting in the marines. there were reports say that turkey is reinforcing its airspace with the military base close to the border with syria after of course as we all know were a week of returning fire a turkish news agency says at least twenty five additional fighter jets have been
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deployed in egypt are also holding a weeklong set of a joint naval drills in the mediterranean not far from syria shores has warned it will not shy away from war if provoked and nato which has so far shunned the conflict says it's ready to defend its member nation but some reports suggest shells landing in turkey may be from weapons that ankara itself provided to syrian rebels and this as violence is escalating across the country with bomb blasts and firefights in damascus the u.n. chief banking moon has called on the syrian government to unilaterally cease fire political analyst says the rebels are desperate for foreign intervention. so it's no mistake a lot on this beard. and of course these guys own reasons for doing this on the one hand they're trying to give cover cover to the rebels to continue their fight you know that the rebels again defeated on the ground there bombarding syria
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as a way to help the rebels and not lose too many of their positions but i think also wants to please is kind of. nato nato masters in its bid to join the e.u. so it's been willing to do the bidding europe and the u.s. britain france and the u.s. they may be helping hoping that they can somehow plan knowledge made into taking action as well and. the blitzkrieg is that she the only thing really that would enable the rebels where now at this. watching r.t. a series of blasts of rocked a military facility in central russia where tons of munitions disposal exploded and the noise and plumes of smoke spark hysteria among the locals. now has details. officials in the region of said that there is no danger posed following this explosion took place at the munitions dump forty kilometers away from the city of
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of that statement saying that this explosion was due to conventional weapons exploding that there was no chemical or nuclear weapons involved in the in the blast and the whole of the local residents were at no risk whatsoever the military investigation has been started there's also a criminal case being opened into potential mishandling of weapons and ace the information coming out of the defense ministry though is telling us that all of their personnel are on engine and all accounted for it does seem though that we are hearing that those no casualties no injuries amongst the civilian population however they have received quite a serious scare which is understandable when you think about the size and scale and sound of this explosion a huge booming blast ringing out gigantic plume of smoke and of course the shockwave that goes with these type of explosions all coming together to to leave them leave the local people and quite
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a bit little shaken now in the immediate aftermath of this explosion well we saw pretty much comic unveiling in four eyes online people posting on twitter and on other online sources that there had been military personnel injured and there's many military personnel remained unaccounted for the latest from the defense ministry is that's just simply not true that was hysteria following what was as i mentioned a very loud explosion now when it comes to incidents like this this isn't the first of its kind in russia in october the last three years there's been twenty such incidents involving military munitions dumps of this nature and in fact this particular facility so two incidents take place over the last few months which each resulted in two people being injured as they say there at the moment the news coming from the defense ministry is no. right. on the program the people's choice giving the west bank.
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for the fourth president. pleasure to have you with us here on alt. trimmings in this tree even for specialists a voice can produce several sounds it warms to do lenience the art of throat singing comes naturally picked up like a language. a language of communicating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from the unions believe not only animals but also all surrounding
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objects like reverse forests and defense don't have souls imitating the sounds they believe assumes to capture the power of nature. was. to get to one of the five main stars of scrotes and it imitates the gentle breezes of summer hora whose name means great hunter says he suspects adopt. there are special instruments that accompany the singing if danny says there is even a legend about his instrument a gill it says once there lived a poor shefford who had the best horse that won every competition but jealous people killed it on the horse was revived as an instrument book at the residence up its role is because of the spirit of the horse coming to his dream and said make an
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instrument from the tree the sounding board from the leather of my face the strings . and to remember me make an engraving of my head part of the instrument he did so we called the instrument again which means come back and this melody only instrument is called. our research showed this is arts he live from moscow he is a hero in his homeland but portrayed as a bogey man by western governments the election triumph chavez in venezuela for a remarkable fourth time means that he'll continue to polarize opinion as president
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assad is losing catherine off reports the way he uses the nation's oil wealth will ensure that he'll remain a thorn certainly at the very least in the side of washington. six years on the to the top but maybe at its worst celebration with the workers as one party that one treats here that is not only here. to join in on. it. it's a victory that supporters say has implications far beyond this country's borders talley's chavez is the father of south america all the presidents with friends among each other latin america understand the understand the significance of chavis for the world that's rising up from its knees for the world of equality for the world without usually a vampire without the gemini if you wish and that's precisely what makes many western governments nervous venezuela could be an example for other countries i mean here you have a country that is saying that the polarization of wealth which we see not just in
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one country not just in two countries but globally is completely toxic and must be addressed and that there must be a redistribution of wealth this is antithetical to what's been known as the washington consensus so in that sense the. president chavez and is as a threat a threat that doesn't just hurt washington's influence but its coffers under chavez venezuela has refused to act as a market for u.s. based private investment and no longer can u.s. oil firms rely on the country as a stable source of cheap crude venezuela has the world's largest proven oil reserves chavez has promised to ramp up production and slash this country's dependence on u.s. markets by doubling exports to asia according to the president in that is why he represents a threat to the west. from the economic point of view we have the largest petroleum reserves in the world when the world runs out of oil and i mean countries which
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possess the majority of reserves were me i had you on my toes or russia iran saudi arabia iraq and. its black gold can account for the vilification of chavez in the west after all just a year after he took office in one thousand nine hundred nine chavez toured the middle east to lobby key opec members to drive oil prices higher but he also provided subsidized oil to quba bella bruce nicaragua and syria countries whose relations with the west aren't exactly ideal for critics that is well under chavez is a terrifying prospect. i think chavez is mostly criticized for his foreign policy first for breaking relations with traditional trade partners of venezuela such as colombia and the us and second for political alliances both countries which are considered as non-democratic and even belligerent in their foreign policy such as cuba and even more so iran. i hear chavez says his world view is just one that the west is going to have to get used to i. said that an american model of. the world
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that i wanted to remember that idea of history by minimizing the rest of. europe. which is now well it didn't. believe it or not a world power yet. the part of the power of the next six years play out one thing's for certain that's all this new world order it's here to stay is a powerful art to. comping down. swedish civil rights group finds a new way to figure out if your battle machine before that you had a website so by asking questions on human rights. for life or you a famous visitor. joined.
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we got to the world up in just a couple of minutes for now though europe used to be a mecca for migrant workers from ukraine one in ten citizens heading west in search of a better life but as the european economy stumbles from crisis to crisis many ukrainians are returning home bringing back their savings and new skills as well. ports on the turning of the tide. goes to villages with empty houses and few people on the street a common sight for western ukraine and it's not the result of any disaster. almost every family in the west of ukraine has a member working abroad ever since the collapse of the u.s.s.r. ukraine has been one of the main suppliers of cheap labor force into the european union as it stands over four million ukrainians are currently working in europe that's every tenth citizen of the country but this is changing yuri worked in spain
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for almost a decade before escaping the financial crisis and resettling back home at times he indulges in some gastronomical. and make spanish style salami at home but yuri says there is no going back to new york. i made good use of the money i earned there i bought several stores and currently lease them i also bought a house twenty five kilometers from laval of if i stayed in spain i would have to work like a slave to earn something here i can enjoy life many of my friends who stayed in spain and now out of work and planning to come back to. and he's far from the only one the real estate market in western ukraine is seeing a boom in property sales all thanks to those running away from the collapsing euro zone and the killers of the people they may have thought of buying houses in the e.u. with you seeing how the crisis plagues those countries and are returning home of
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all real estate properties sold last year almost a quarter of the buyers were returned migrants muesli by two to three room apartment with up to one thousand euros in the last two three months alone more than a thousand families booked flats here which makes around a hundred million euros worth of investment into property in just one of ukrainian regions the overall sound of european money ending up in ukrainian spoke it is even more astonishing last year ukraine was able to receive up to seven. years of dollars from the ukrainians currently working abroad. and that's coming from the country's worst affected by the financial crisis spain italy and portugal where many businesses have grown realigned on migrant ukrainian workers you might think their return home should benefit both sites but in reality economists believe this may spell trouble for ukraine amount of remittances we usually receive
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is going to go down. from seven billion i would expect that should be on the level of five billion supply of labor coming from e.u. countries to ukraine is needed to be supported and it's additional pressure for the ukrainian bunch it which is quite difficult to do when you have a limited amount of resources but yuri says even if the labor market goes into meltdown it would not be as bad as it could have been if you stayed in spain the money he brought back has made him completely self-sufficient and immune from being and wanted either at home or a brooch. alexy reshevsky artsy reporting from ukraine. before we join the touch of the business is her stock with paris now for the r.t. world update it's where around a thousand poser workers have scuffled with police during a protest against the company's plan to cut backs and police fired tear gas during
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the demonstration just outside the paris auto zone the french carmaker is closing a factory outside the capital within two years for the loss of eight thousand jobs it's been severely hit by falling demand in europe. the international criminal court has started late today a public hearing to decide whether to try him or market duffy's son in libya although. saif al islam gadhafi is accused of trying to violently quassia last year's protests against his father libya wants to prosecute him on home soil so if however insists that he would not receive a fair trial in libya and could face a death sentence. egypt's president mohamed morsi has pardoned all those arrested during the uprising last year that toppled hosni mubarak over a thousand people were prosecuted for supporting the revolution which allowed more suited to take power this summer than mr cupples all those convicted although still
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under investigation on trial. often atar so we go good to see you again today though i understand the international monetary fund it's actually somehow losing faith in the global economy that's absolutely right it is downgrading the global economies and u.k. is the economy downgraded the most by the international monetary fund and of course the european markets are reacting to this and they're mostly reacting to this by selling and we're seeing these numbers there but let's move on to another story the russian openers. e n k b p known as a are considering selling their half of the company either to a strategic investor or through an i.p.o. this would happen only if b.p. sells its parts to draws near ft at the same time a r.'s not given up on the plans to a large at stake in t.m.p. b.p.
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by buying shares from the british partners b.p. says the company would continue the process of selling its stake regardless of what they are does. will end up in the hands of rosneft either way turning russia's state company into the world's biggest oil firm. is quite likely to change to exchange its share in ten. for a share and all snuffed. with some cash. as changing hands in the process was well worth a i will probably sell out of tinker completely all in or say i think. we'll just transform itself into a much larger company with with an important international shareholder which has the most advanced technologies and more importantly has the experience of applying some technology within russia the experience of transforming
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a management team. in to into probably the best management team in the world. and well let's now check out the markets what we're seeing is that european markets are reacting to the downgrades namely to the international monetary fund to losing faith in the global economy and sloshing its growth thrown from a three point six percent from the previous three point nine percent and the u.k. economy is now shrinking by a point four percent this year the figures for russia are not changing much this year three point six seven percent now you have been markets are reacting to these news by. although this hour as you can see the dots is managing to bounce back somewhat trading want to cross if there was another downgrade on tuesday moody's slashed cyprus by three notches to negative last month moscow promised to help the
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island which is now seeking up to twenty billion dollars in aid here in moscow we're seeing is a pretty upbeat picture on the heels of these sell off on monday both the r.t.s. and the mice are trading above the line and on the currency markets the euro is shedding value to the u.s. dollar but the russian ruble is staying pretty have to gain to the currency pounds . and in a few minutes we talk to. call you and we'll be back with a business update in about fifty. many thanks indeed. you were saying it's going to be al going off spotlight of the issue there about her standards in the media world you say double standards and of course the official with the for security and cooperation spotlight in just a sec. even
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in the autumn of the years. it's never too late to start a. triage stream paragliding. when a bar or a lifting championship. or become a part. old boy.
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a little bit. welcome to the show our two i'm and today my guest is. the freedom of media is one of the fundamental rights. every country. meanwhile. is one of the lowest in the world. how much we love the freedom of speech and.
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yet some countries not only praise freedom of speech but also try to help others by forcing them to live up to certain standards of human rights for some reason the recipients of this humanitarian usually call it. what's wrong with trying to make. it as free as it suits the parts of the world and is it at all possible to keep the balance between freedom of speech and the right we'll discuss with the representatives of freedom that we do here. representative on the freedom of the media. has been advocating journalists rise for many years the civil war in her native and. the value of objective information.


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